Savannah college of art and design .  dynamic typograhpy . Novemeber 2009

destroyING language

The second half of Graduate Dynamic Typography was concerned with creating environmental type. Besides putting type in the world, there weren't many rules to adhere to. After a long brainstorming session, I decided that I wanted to deconstruct type. 

I posed the question, what if type had an unbiased advocate or what if type itself could react independantly of human interaction? What would it do? I felt it probably wouldn't want to be associated with us. After further concept refining, I concluded that it would be more interesting if there was an outside force that disliked type and went around destroying type on buildings. This is the result, an amalgum of Cloverfield influence, renaissance machinery, and a dash of passive-aggressiveness. Blanketing all these points was an overtone that civilization is breaking down. 

Director: Dan Chosich
Professor: Duff Young
Camera/Edit/Composite/Modeling:  Dan Chosich
Music: Riceboy Sleeps - Happiness

Revision Making-of

Formally, this was the first time I ever tried match-moving. I had four weeks to make this idea come to life. I used two weeks to prep models and animation. From there, I had no idea how to match-move footage. I have to thank my good friend Alan Williams for a crash course in the fundamentals of Boujou. This is the result after two solid weeks of trial and error, compositing, and sound design. 


Revision . Process Book