Halo Waypoint:  Behind the Scenes

343 Industries .  Halo Waypoint . December 2012

gimme more that beat

The challenge was to make apps and web exciting in a video.  The solution was to show how those things can compliment lives.  It's visually challenging to make the web an interesting subject so a lot of this leans heavily on HDR device renders to allow the viewer to understand how it would look in their hands, etc.  

Story wise, I wanted to build the Waypoint brand into something that felt large and all encompassing.  More percussion.  More horns.  More scale.  

Director:  Dan Chosich
Editor:  Dan Chosich
Camera:  Dan Chosich
Motion Graphics:  Dan Chosich
Assoc. Producer:  Veronica Peshterianu
Producer:  Alison Stroll