Halo 4:  Spec Documentary

343 Industries .  Halo 4 . December 2011

The Way Of The Future

This is a story about building a legacy. This is a story about the formation of a company. This is a story about the most important year in the history of Halo.


This chronicles the formation and challenges of building a new studio, inspiring people, and reinvigorating a billion dollar franchise. 

Interwoven through out the documentary are personal stories from industry professionals that have thematic resonance and directly correlate with what 343 is experiencing in creating Halo 4.

The goal of this documentary was to espouse a  universal commonality to our problems and show that we have the will to weather the storm.

Ultimately, this documentary never got produced and the work that went into it went into the other documentaries on my website for Halo 4.   

Director: Dan Chosich
Editor: Dan Chosich
Assoc. Producer: Veronica Peshterianu
Camera A: Dan Chosich
Camera B: Michael Pagano
Camera C: Paul Featherstone
Producer: Alison Stroll
Motion Graphics: Dan Chosich

"There is this skepticism and lack of belief that 343 can pull this off, and that got me reflecting on the challenge that we have in front of us. By all accounts the challenge that we are taking on here is a massive, massive, challenge. By many accounts it seems like it should be impossible. It seems like it is impossible.

When you list everything out; we’re building a new studio from scratch, bringing together all these people from across the industry, most of whom have never worked together before, most of whom come from very different ways of working and trying to figure out during the course of this project how we all work together. We’re building on the foundation of an engine and toolset, that while uniquely qualified to deliver the experience that we are building is unfamiliar to so many of these people. Oh, and by the way we are taking on one of the most high profile and beloved games in Halo where the bar is nothing but absolute greatness." 

-Josh Holmes, Creative Director on Halo 4