Halo : OCtane Render Tests

343 Industries . September 2017

Light The Path


Not representative of any game in active development. 

All models are from Halo 5.  Assets were then deconstructed and re-rigged.  Materials and scenes were made specifically for Octane.  

There were a lot of things I wanted to learn in the past couple years.  Octane Render changed the game by providing a lighting and rendering solution that is fast for video previsulazation and tone setting frames.  

None of this is for any Halo title.

The goal was to learn the render engine, then apply it in a production environment to see where it will fall down in the realm of animation and bloated scenes..  Octane forces you to build smarter to get the best results.  It's a lot like a game engine in that result.  

Director: Dan Chosich
SFX: Dan Chosich

Octane Render is a GPU renderer.  The scenes were composed in Cinema 4D and rendered with Pathtracing.