Halo Infinite: Discover Hope

343 Industries . Halo Infinite . June 2019

Humanity Endures

We wantED to create something tense, emotional, and triumphant.  

2018 was a reset on audience expectation. 2019 is about character.

This trailer aims to birth new characters and reintroduce a returning icon into the Halo canon. We wanted to create something tense, emotional, and triumphant. We wanted to fill the world with questions and anticipation. This is a tease, but it’s also a concrete statement of where we are going.

The goals were to say to the world: Here are the major characters. Here is the way we tell story. Here is the new art style. Here is a glimpse at where we're going and the state of the world. Here is a story that poses questions, encourages mystery, discovery, and the act of heroism.

Director: Dan Chosich
Written By: Paul Crocker, Dan Chosich
Assoc. Creative Director: Paul Crocker
Art Director: Nicolas Bouvier
UI Artist: Jeff Christy
Sandbox Art Lead: Matt Aldridge
Music Supervisor: Joel Yarger
Audio Director: Sotaro Tojima
Composer: Curtis Schwitzer
Sound Design: Kyle Fraser

Spiritual Goal


Our real, concrete, goal was to speak to the theme of rebirth. The pilot resuscitates Chief. Chief brings life and courage to the Pilot. The Pelican is brought back to life by Chief. It speaks to the potential of the world we're creating. Ultimately Chief is a symbol for that idea. The potential to be greater and to discover something within that makes you stronger. He becomes a symbol of strength and a symbol of human potential without fear.

For our audiences he becomes permission to believe in the impossible. To remember what it's like to live with wonder. To jump without fear. To trust against all logic and when everything inside you says "hide." The kernel of that potential is everlasting because it's undeniable and pure. It's something we all strive for--courage, hope, assurance, leadership. So while this trailer may not speak to hope, I do believe it speaks to greatness. It speaks to courage and the need to go within—toward the unknown.