Halo CRate

343 INDUSTRIES .  Subscription Service . January 2016

Boxing Energy


Goal:  Summon the feeling of hearing a garage band before the rest of the world.  

In early 2016 I was asked to design a box for Lootcrate.  I didn't want to just design a box.  I wanted to make an experience.  I wanted to recapture that feeling of Christmas that a subscription boxed product should capture.  Apple is great at making the unboxing experience feel like magic.  

I had some principles:  The box should feel thought-out.  Not just a theme.  Similar to the best things in Halo, the box should look like one thing but reveal there is more going on underneath the surface.  The space around the box is almost more important than what is in box.  This means empowering the customer to wonder about the future.  This means absence is a part of the story.  Anticipation is a part of the story.

Creative Director:  Dan Chosich
Transmedia Studio Head: Kiki Wolfkill
Executive Producer: Brian Albrecht

Hand-off to Digital

Remember everything does not need to be in the box.  The box can be a springboard for experiences outside the box.  Something physical can have a digital counterpart. 


Images without titles are questions.  Questions without answers foster conversation. 


Words are inexpensive.  Self-aware, authentic, and well-crafted words are invaluable and sticky.  

Intelligent Design

Include less with greater thoughtfulness and better design.  It will seem more valuable than a dentist’s chest of toys.  The things people do not see are sometimes the most meaningful.