Halo APP . 2015

343 INDUSTRIES .  Application . Novemeber 2015


These designs were never used but this would have been the successor to the Halo Channel on Xbox One.  I designed for the console first, but it would have then been translated to mobile.  

Imagine a one stop shop for Halo.  Fully curated to your liking based upon your interests.  Conceptually it took a lot of cues from Flipboard, the old Beats music app, and 2D print design.  

There were some really cool ideas as to how to use saved films in a more unique way.  Someday, maybe, I'll put those designs online--but I'm still hopeful that we'll build it.   

I don't foresee 343 ever building a console app using something like this design in the future.  Not even a lot of people inside the studio ever saw this.  A lot of this was done in a vacuum before any engineer could tell me I was crazy--so no matter what it would have to change.  

CVP/Studio Manager:  Bonnie Ross
Studio Head Transmedia: Kiki Wolfkill
Executive Producer: Brian Albrecht
Creative Director / Designer: Dan Chosich