Halo 5:  A Hero Reborn

343 Industries .  Halo 5 . June 2015

343 Industries elaborates on the story of the SEQUEL TO HALO 4.


After three years of doing some different work at Microsoft, I tackled the challenge of making a documentary for Halo 5.  It touches on a lot of the feelings and decisions that went into making the game.  This took about a month to make and much more footage was shot than used.  In all, it was about 45 interviews from people all around the team.  I ended up using about 25 and focused the story more on the big bets that were taken narratively and gameplay-wise versus the technology behind the hood.  

The interviews and opening were shot entirely on RED, a lot of the footage is from 2011-2013.  

Cinema 4D R16 was used for the main title.  

Director:  Dan Chosich
Editor:  Dan Chosich
Sound:  Dan Chosich
Motion Graphics:  Dan Chosich
Lower Thirds:  Eric Dies