Halo 4:  CONCEPT ART Reveal

343 Industries . Halo 4 . AUGUST 2011



THE Concept Art OF HALO 4

At Halofest 2011 there was a Halo 4 Panel.  At the end of the panel, Creative Director Josh Holmes and Executive Producer Kiki Wolfkill wanted to show something to the fans.  They wanted to take a few bits of concept art and create a bit of a slideshow.  

In good conscious, I could not create a slideshow.  I took the concept art they approved and cut it out, added some atmosphere, effects, and put it in 2.5D so there was a sense of parallax. 

Director: Dan Chosich
Editor: Dan Chosich
Assoc. Producer: Veronica Peshterianu
Art: Kenneth Scott, Nicolas Bouvier
Producer: Alison Stroll
Motion Graphics: Dan Chosich
Audio: Sotaro Tojima