Halo 4:  Composing Worlds

343 Industries . Halo 4 . April 2012





All 150 hours was given to Neil and edited into a 2 hour documentary that can be found on the vinyl record release.  

The music of Halo is some of, if not the most, iconic music in video games.  It was a big deal for Halo to move away from its beloved composer upon Bungie's departure from Microsoft and into the hands of an unknown musician.  Except this is not an unknown musician.  This is one of the founding members of the most acclaimed electronic bands in the world, Massive Attack.  

I was lucky enough to spend a good amount of time with Neil and his team in Bristol and Abbey Road.  All together, I probably shot about 150 hours worth of behind-the-scenes footage from Neil's prototype sessions to his multiple recordings at Abbey Road Studios.  

Hands down, working with Neil and the audio team was one of my favorite working experiences I've ever had.  I grew such an appreciation for music, sound and everything that goes into it.  

Director: Dan Chosich
Editor: Dan Chosich
Assoc. Producer: Veronica Peshterianu
Camera: Dan Chosich
Producer: Alison Stroll
Motion Graphics: Dan Chosich

Session Photos