Savannah college of art and design . 2009

Expose Truth

Dan was the 2010 Adobe Design Achievement Award nominee for his work on this project.  

I chose to rebrand Dateline NBC for a graduate packaging class at SCAD.

The Concept:  A puzzle, a work in progress that comes together to expose the truth and uncover the Dateline logo.

Design Goal:  A crime scene, out of order--floating in an abyss of dead ends.

The viewer is privy to leafing through this jumbled mess of data, finally leading to the Dateline Logo. Dateline is the gateway to exposing truth and giving these fragmented elements order and meaning.

Director / Editor / Sound: Dan Chosich


Graphical systems express connections, words reveal out of dyes, layers of investigation are examined as the viewer delves into mystery. Overall appearance is created by the layering of color and lighting effects mixed with layers of hand written designs, real-world scans, hard-edge geometry (and objects), and individually-created slide transparencies act as a way to visualize data but stay abstract enough to as to not lend itself to one specific show topic.