Halo Nightfall: Teaser Trailer

343 Industries .  Halo Nightfall . July 2014

San Diego Comic Con Trailer 2014

The environment is conflicT  

The story of Halo: Nightfall has many conflicts.  Inner struggles, group dynamics, political and gender inequality.  We had to pick a struggle that would be evocative for the viewer and we had to leave enough room for the audience to be surprised in the coming months.  We chose to focus on the location of the conflict and the mystery that surrounds this ancient ring that should be off-limits to anyone in the galaxy.  

Nightfall finished shooting on July 9th, 2014.  This came out July 23rd, 2014 for San Diego Comic Con.  If you are wondering, my work began on this in a flooded tent in Iceland and finished next to a large salad in Washington.  

Director: Dan Chosich
Editor: Dan Chosich
Camera:  Dan Chosich
Music + Sound:  Paul Lipson

Motion Tracking: Dan Chosich
Nightfall Logo Motion Graphics:  Eric Dies
Final Compositing:  Dan Chosich

Executive Producer: Kiki Wolkfill
Production Company:  Scott Free
Nightfall Director: Sergio Memmica-Gezzan

Behind the Scenes . The Full Tracking Shot

In the beginning it was contemplated that this teaser would be a single uninterrupted continuous shot that resolved upon the reveal of the Halo ring.  Upon editing it became clear that cutting up the sequence created a more dynamic and interesting teaser.  The teaser does give more story than a traditional teaser would, but it leaves enough out that later glimpses into the film will feel fresh and interesting.  

It's an interesting shot because most of the things in the shot were practical items.  Even the smoke was there but additional smoke was composited into the shot.  Each item was then individually tracked and color corrected to bring out some more of the metallic highlights in the weapons and costumes.  Lights that appear on the guns and helmets were composited into the shots.