Out of the Wilderness

"If everything we invest in works then we are probably not reaching far enough." - Arati Prabhakar, Head of DARPA

The link below is worth watching if you ever wonder how DARPA thinks and was formed.  It's fascinating to see how cognizant they are of the reprecussions of their research.  There are some interesting thoughts about reconstructing neural signals, mapping the brain for amputees, and mapping the pathways for memory.  

"Once you start down a path you actually have to stop and be clear with yourself whether it is a failure."- Arati Prabhakar

The quotes I pulled out are good for any discipline.  We all have to rethink failure and what that means.  A quote that always stood with me was, 'there is no good or bad there just is.'  In a lot of ways that's true but not absolute.  I do believe it is important to grow and adapt, just as it is important in how we choose to view failure.  

WATCH . Charlie Rose

Us Ones In Between

Hello, 2015.

If you are like me, you are constantly looking for things to inspire you.  This blog won't feature posts of my ramblings but rather the things that I find extraordinary.  

The People Pushed Aside

Watch this 60 Minutes story about a new play in Harlem.  

"[Alive and Kickin'] was created by a theater producer and former disc jockey named Vy Higginsen, who has made it her mission to preserve a special part of American culture: African-American music, both gospel and popular music like soul and R&B. She found a pool of untapped talent, men and women in what she calls their "second half of life" just waiting for their chance to shine."

It is one of the best stories I've seen because it speaks so profoundly to the resilience and heart of people.  At first you won't agree, but by the end it's hard to disagree -- they are some of the most beautiful people you will ever see.

60 Minutes

Part 1 .  Part 2